Organic Liquid Fertilisers

Ag-celerate logo Ag-celerate - A lipid-based ‘organic colloidal concentrate’ to enhance plant performance and reduces reliance on synthetic chemical and compounds. Read more
Growback - Growback - Pasture Protection Solution Growback is an advanced solution, containing biological compounds and activators, promotes bio-stimulation for plant growth, while regenerating soil fertility, increasing microbial activity, plant and soil immunity as well as nutrient… Read more
Grow - Grow - Liquid Organic Fertiliser GrowTM Liquid Organic Fertiliser was developed by Global Boss International CEO Danny Hood, a 5th generation farmer with a vision for a healthier sustainable world. The creation of this bio-organic… Read more
Rural Boss - Rural Boss – Bio Organic Nutrient Solution Rural BossTM is a highly concentrated, easily applied and a cost effective liquid fertiliser that provides readily accessible nutrients to support healthy growth throughout the plant life cycle.… Read more