Global environmental issues are increasing. Our thirst for raw materials and food to feed our people has grown so much that everything we do affects our environment.

… but what if you could achieve the following???

  • Recycle raw chicken manure into a totally natural liquid fertilizer
  • Develop manufacturing plants with very little physical footprint able to produce 16,000 litres per day
  • Build manufacturing plants that can be fully functional within 6-8 weeks from date of delivery
  • Ensure a minimal carbon footprint
  • Establish a process that is a “closed-loop” producing virtually no waste

Quite simply put; we believe that the challenges of food security driven out of soil health degeneration to be our primary focus.

Our products replicate nature. They are based on micro-biology and an optimum mix of nutrients required for effective plant growth.
This unique solution delivers exceptional results some of which include;

  • Higher yielding crops
  • Prolonged yield
  • Tastier fruits and vegetables with higher nutritional content
  • Healthier plants, able to naturally resist infestations of pests and diseases
  • Immediate availability of a the complete range of plant acceptable nutrients
  • Accumulative building of soil health through establishing soil micro-biology