Global Boss International evolved from a desire to make a difference to global agricultural practice. Healthy crops depend on healthy growing soil yet our land is constantly overloaded with chemicals that destroy its ability to act as a living breathing growing medium.

Soil Health may be defined as:

  • Capacity of a soil to function within ecosystem boundaries to sustain biological productivity, maintain environmental quality and promote plant and animal health.
  • In the context of agriculture, it may refer to its ability to sustain productivity.
  • A healthy soil would ensure proper retention and release of water and nutrients, promote and sustain root growth, maintain soil biotic habitat, respond to management and resist degradation

Then of course there is the NPK illusion created by the petro-chemical corporations. Plants need much more than NPK. To support effective growth plants require a wide range of nutrients when and as needed.

Thus the challenge was to deliver systems and products that rapidly re-establish healthy soil while delivering required nutrients. This was seen to be the key to sustainable agriculture and a solid foundation on which to reinforce our food security well into the future.