Rural Boss – Bio Organic Nutrient Solution

Rural BossTM is a highly concentrated, easily applied and a cost effective liquid fertiliser that provides readily accessible nutrients to support healthy growth throughout the plant life cycle. Designed for regular systematic application which quickly sees overall improvements in the health of both the plant and soil. Improvements in soil health are a result of the microbial action that is established by application of the product. The biota which is a fundamental part of Rural Boss re-conditions the soil, returing it to healthier state.

On farm trials

Extensive on farm trials have been conducted on Lucerne, Chick Pea, Wheat, Sorgum, Figs, Berry, Banana, Sugar Cane, Tomato, pasture and other commercial crops.

Rural BossTM has shown to also be the perfect Liquid Organic Fertiliser for use through drip & spray boom irrigation systems. Global Boss International supplies the iconic Gardens at the Bay in Singapore with Rural BossTM which has proven to be a perfect fit for the gardens sustainable cycles in energy and water.

Sorghum trials Qld, Australia
Gardens by The Bay Singpore

Certified Organic Farm Input

Rural BossTM, is recognised by Australian Certified Organic as an allowed organic farm input. It is registered with Biological Farmers of Australia as suitable for use in organic systems, and are deemed to be in accord with the BFA Organic Standard. Allowed Inputs are materials used as supplementary tools in a balanced organic farm management program.

Global Boss International CEO Danny Hood talks with  Queensland Sugar Cane grower Dale Hiscock about his experience with RuralBossTM