Grow - Liquid Organic Fertiliser

GrowTM Liquid Organic Fertiliser was developed by Global Boss International CEO Danny Hood, a 5th generation farmer with a vision for a healthier sustainable world. The creation of this bio-organic liquid fertilser took place over a 10-year period of Research and Development that included extensive on farm testing.
Grow Liquid Organic Fertiliser
Grow re-fill station

The product was initially released to home gardeners and commercial growers under the name Dr. Grow It AllTM . A rebranding of the product to GrowTM coincide with the implementation of the Grow Re-fill Station Program, a program designed to address the growing impact of plastic containers on the environment.

GrowTM is now marketed to the home garden consumer with commercial quantities marketed under the name RuralBossTM, through the Rural & Commercial division of Global Boss International.

Interview with Cath Manuel and Danny Hood about the benefits of bio organic fertilsers.