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“The Future of Agriculture”

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The World is facing a Global Food Security Challenge.

Food demand is expected to increase anywhere between 59% to 98% by 2050. This will shape agricultural markets in ways we have not seen before.

We are aware of a United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal for 2030 that aims to end hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. However it has been assessed that we are off-track to achieve these goals, with hunger increasing since 2014.

To address this challenge we must change the way we grow our food. Soil health is of utmost importance and there is no chemical solution to building soil biology. Agriculture needs to become more productive and environmentally friendly to tackle these challenges.

Food Security

At Global Boss International, we envision a future where humanity triumphs over its greatest challenge: Food Security. Our mission is to lead the world in transitioning from traditional chemically driven agricultural practices to regenerative and sustainable solutions, setting the stage for the future of agriculture.

For over 70 years, industrial agriculture has propelled us towards a crisis, degrading our soil, and sacrificing the nutritional content of our food in the relentless pursuit of speed and quantity. This global crisis, underscored by how countries feed their people, is what drives us.

Global Boss International is dedicated to making the world more resilient and self-sufficient through ‘Bio Organic Sustainable Solutions.’ We stand committed to revitalizing the very foundation of agriculture – the soil. Our approach is twofold:

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Sustainable Farming Practices

We offer practical ‘Farm Advisory’ services, embracing a regenerative biological approach that rejuvenates soil health, enhances food nutrition, and establishes a firm foundation for food security. We empower farmers with knowledge and tools to foster sustainable practices that ensure a brighter future for all.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development initiatives focus on creating sustainable growing technologies that reinforce food security, regenerate depleted soils, increase the nutritional content of produce, enhance water retention and quality, and promote animal health. In doing so, we aim to make farming more profitable and food less expensive, creating a win-win scenario for both farmers and consumers.

Investing in The Future

We are actively seeking visionary investors to join us in realizing our mission. Together, we will establish a ‘Centre of Excellence for Biological Regenerative Agriculture.’ This centre will encompass a university-driven training facility for agronomists and farmers, scientific research and development capabilities, a demonstration farm, and the full commercialization of Boss (Aust) Pty Ltd, our Australian manufacturing and distribution company. Through these initiatives, we aim to implement numerous projects that will transform agriculture into a sustainable, regenerative force, securing a future where food security is no longer a dream but a global reality.

Centre of Excellence in Biological Regenerative Agriculture

Global Boss International is proud to lead the way towards a future where sustainable agriculture is the key to feeding our world and ensuring a prosperous, healthy future for all.”