Chinese Enterprise

Well we’ve just returned from, the Shandong Province in  China where we attended ‘The 6th Annual Convention of Overseas Chinese Enterprises in Science and Technology Innovation’ by invitation of the Chinese Government.

The convention attendees numbered 600, combining scientists and innovative business people from around the world. With the inclusion of well organised networking sessions designed to allow time to make acquaintances with key likeminded people, we soon found ourselves swamped with business cards and keen ears to know more about our innovative Bio Organic Sustainable Solution, Dr Grow It All.

The thing that struck us the most about agriculture in China was the forward thinking of the Government. They have long ago identified the necessity to ensure food security for their people and support their farmers by way of subsidies or land use at a very low cost as part of strategic planning. Every square foot of land that can grow food does, even right up to the edge of the highways. However they have also acknowledged that the continued over use of chemical inputs has completely stripped the soil of nutritional value leaving a worrying vision of the future health of their people. More farmers are being encouraged and educated by the Government to use a natural organic fertiliser such as Grow to regenerate the soil to its pre- chemical state, full of microbes, friendly bacteria and plant ready goodness, how nature intended it to be.  Interesting too is the fact that Chinese consumers no longer trust ‘Made in China’ brands after the 2006 powered milk scare, and actively seek, particularly, ‘Made In Australia’ brands and are willing to pay a premium price for consumables or related products.